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We have traveled around to various sites in the U.S. and throughout Arizona during the past several years, investigating claims of ghosts, spirits and hauntings. Click on the links to read some of the case studies from each location:

• Tombstone Hotel/Nellie Cashmen's - Tombstone Arizona

• Investigation/workshop at Yuma Territorial Prison

• Investigation at Matt's Saloon - Prescott AZ

• Nellie Cashmans Restaurant, Tombstone Arizona

• Private Tempe Residence

• Private Phoenix Residence

• Yuma Territorial Prison

• Mesa Residence

• Buford House, Tombstone Arizona

• Copper Mountain Inn

• Prescott Arizona

• Tombstone Arizona

• Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

• Teeter House, Phoenix, Arizona

• Casey Moore's

• Private Residence #1, Gilbert Arizona

• Private Residence #2, Gilbert, Arizona

• Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum

• Private Residence #3, Mesa, Arizona


Tombstone Hotel/Nellie Cashmen's Investigation/Workshop - Tombstone Arizona
On August 5, 2006 we took a large group to investigate Tombstone Arizona. We started out meeting everyone in the hotel conference room were we did a briefing, giving our guests a history of the Tombstone Hotel and Nellie Cashman's. Tombstone hotel - Room 119 was where a guest committed suicide by hanging himself. Past guests have recorded voices and witnessed objects moving and cleaning personnel have refused to go into that room.

Nellie Cashmen's - Workers and customers claimed to have seen an apparition of a women and most assume it is Nellie(she was known as the angel of the mining camps), but Nellie died many years later in Canada. We believe from out previous investigations that what they are seeing is a woman that lived at the boarding house and was murdered there by a man who also was a resident. In our previous investigations we did get a picture of a woman apparition next to the fireplace and we also got a voice saying "Four of us" when we asked how many of you are in here with us. We then headed over to Nellie Cashmen's for dinner, which we would later go back to investigate.

We split up into three different groups, one group went to the hotel to investigate, one went to Nellie Cashmen's and the third group went to investigate the streets of Tombstone. We rotated the group until everyone got to investigate all three areas. After a small snack break we all walked to the Tombstone Cemetery where we came upon someone wandering the grave yard and it took a few moments to determine he was not ghostly; it did unnerve some of the guests but we had a good laugh. Some of the guests did get some really good pictures in the hotel and while investigating the streets of Tombstone.

Thank you to all our guests, our group really enjoyed this investigation and meeting some new friends.


Investigation/workshop at Yuma Territorial Prison - Yuma AZ
On April 29, 2006 team members took 13 guests to investigate the Yuma Prison after hours. At 9:00pm the group was led into the prison by park personnel after a short presentation and tour of the prison and museum everyone was split up into three groups. Because the Arizona Desert Ghost Hunters have had positive results in there previous outings at the prison the areas that would be concentrated on were the graveyard, guard tower, dark cell, cell #14 and the new yard.

Results from the investigation were many orbs, light/spirit shots and photographs. Mary and Terry were in the new yard asking questions using there recorder and having some fun. Mary was asking if they could get a name and joking said "Take my sister" and they did get a man's voice, but we were unable to determine his name. When one group was in the dark cell Kirk was being touched on his back and wanted us to check to make sure there were know scorpions on his back and thank goodness we didn't see anything on his back. Bea was also being touched inappropriately and needed to leave the cell. When other groups went into the dark cell they were also being touched. That seemed to be the hot spot during the investigation. Others started not feeling to well when they were in the cemetery and needed to leave the area.

Thanks to the park personnel and to our guests for a great evening.


Investigation at Matt's Saloon - Prescott AZ
It was a very cold evening in December where the team met up with Fred, a group associate and Matt, the owner of Matt's Saloon for a late night investigation of the historic whiskey row building. Built in the 1870's it was first used as a mercantile store for many years and on July 6, 1900 the building was destroyed in a bad fire as many buildings on whiskey row. It was rebuilt in 1901 and became the great old saloon it is today, with many stories to tell. Stories told by the owner, the patrons, employees and cleaning people of a little girl, a young women and a cowboy dressed in black that would frequent the bar.

Here are some of the sightings reported by the owner Matt and some of the employee's:

  1. Matt used to live in the apartment above the bar and one night he was awakened to see a cowboy figure dressed in a black duster and black hat standing at the end of this bed.

  2. Matt said for two weeks straight at 4:00am in the morning he would hear what sounded like chains clanking on the other side of the wall behind his bed and this would go on for 5 to 10 minutes. One night he even woke up his roommate Marco to see if he could hear it and he did. When investigated there is nothing behind that wall but a small walk way and that is on the second floor.

  3. Marco had gone upstairs to turn off some of the lights and heard a deep voice of a man behind him say "Give me a beer". He turned around and saw a black outline of a cowboy.

  4. Lisa, a bartender at Matt's, was cleaning up one night and went into the ladies room and saw a little girl. The little girl asked her "Where is my mommy" and Lisa went to looked outside the door of the bathroom to see if her mother was there, thinking it was strange that a little girl was in a bar so late, and when she turned around to speak to the little girl she was gone.

  5. Rick was a security guard that worked at Matt's and would often feel someone tug on his pant legs while at the front door of the bar, he would then turn around and there would be no one there.

We began our investigation around 2:30am when the last of the patrons left. It was a slow and uneventful investigation until 4am when everything started to happen. Debbie and Anne were at the pool table in the back of the bar setting up equipment when Anne had made a mistake with the camcorder and said "What am I a loser" and on our voice recorder we got a man's voice saying "You're a loser." While the reset of the group were in the basement Anne and Fred were setting up cameras by the rear bar next to the ladies room and were startled by a woman's voice that said "Hello" (recorded on camcorder). The rest of the team returned in time to witness the door latches in the ladies room move, and sometimes more violently. It was unnerving to several who were present. Matt was even caught of guard and said "Oh my God and a few choice words (need to keep this clean)" A while later the phenomena moved to the men's room and shook the door latches and later returned to the ladies room again. Another highlight happened as the team was gathered outside the men's room, what seemed to be a marble could be heard rolling down slowly from the men's room to the pool table about 20ft away on the wooden floor. Everyone followed the eerie sound with their eyes and their ears, while the hair on their arms and necks stood up.

Fred was asking questions with the digital voice recorder trying to see if we could get a response. He asked if anyone can say hello to the owner Matt and a voice said "No."

At 5am as suddenly as everything started, it came to and end. Almost everything that was witnessed that night was recorded on digital voice recorders and camcorders.

A special thanks to Matt and Fred for what was probably our best investigation to date and we look forward to going back.


Nellie Cashmans Restaurant, Tombstone Arizona
Nellie Cashman's restaurant in Tombstone, Arizona was originally a boarding house and a small restaurant operated by Nellie in the 1880's. Years later she moved on to other mining camps and eventually to Victoria, British Columbia, where she died and was buried. The building remained a boarding house until the late 1950's, then was gutted and became the restaurant it is today. Over the years there have been sightings of a woman inside the restaurant by employees and customers -- everyone believes it is Nellie.

The current owners allowed the team to conduct an investigation after hours in January 2005. The team did detect the presence of a woman inside the building, however they do not believe it to be that of Nellie Cashman. They believe the woman was a boarder that lived there years later and was killed on the premises. They also uncovered the presence of a man on the outside of the building in the courtyard area and believe that he, too, was a border. The women is believed to have met her fate at the hands of this brutal and abusive man and that he died years later a slow, agonizing death from an overdose. They are still searching for each other today. An interesting EVP was recorded in the courtyard of a mans voice saying "Four of us." See photo of woman's face by the fireplace.


Private Tempe Residence
In March of 2005 the team was contacted by the homeowner who is a world-renowned Latin Jazz/Rock guitarist concerning strange occurrences in his home. He related that his children were sick and brought to the emergency room on a few occasions with an unknown illness and that his older son was really sick and having panic attacks in the house.

This investigation was conducted over a two month period, was very intense and very bizarre.

The investigation revealed the previous owner, a very violent man who had served many years in prison for manslaughter, had overdosed in the hallway outside of the bathroom. Someone then dragged his body into a bedroom and tried to resuscitate him but he died there. It just happens to be the bedroom of the current home owner's oldest son. During the investigation a photo was taken in the doorway of the bedroom where the death occurred and a man's face mysteriously appears on team member Anne. See Photo.

The photo was then shown to the deceased man's family, who happen to live several houses away. They clearly identified the man in the photo as their grandfather.

Also during the investigation the older son began a type of communication with the deceased called automatic writing. While in a trance-like state using a pencil and blank sheet of paper, he would begin to scribble messages from the other side. One such message was from a man that had been killed in the neighborhood in a strange motorcycle accident. He was driving his motorcycle in the neighborhood and someone had thrown an object into the spoke of the wheel causing him to lose control of the motorcycle and hit a light pole. They checked with the neighbors and found out that the accident did happen and he was killed.

Another message was from his grandfather. The grandfather told him that his uncle had his wallet with a picture in it from when he was in the service and that he wanted the wallet to be given to his other son. When he told his father what the grandfather had said, he called up his brother and asked if he had pop's wallet with a picture of him and he said he did. The father had know idea the wallet even existed.

We will detail further stories from this strange investigation at a later date...


Private Phoenix Residence
In March 2005 the team was contacted by a middle aged couple with two children concerning some strange occurrences at their home in the old Maryvale section of Phoenix. The home which was built in 1954 is a single story structure in an older neighborhood in north Phoenix. The couple complained of cabinets slamming, chairs moving and a white mist would appear in there living room.

The home owners believed that there may have been a murder in the house because when they moved in a few years before there had been a large dark stain on the floor that they could never quite get out.

They also believe the home is full of negative energy that was making one of the family members sick. A check with neighbors determined that a murder had never been committed in the home. However, a reading by Debbie revealed that the negative energy was most likely attached to the land and not the house. The house was smudged and cleansed twice. The couple did notice a more calm feeling in the house.

The image of a vortex was photographed in one of the bedrooms. See Photo.


Yuma Territorial Prison
In June of 2005 the team was fortunate enough to spend the night exploring the Yuma Territorial Prison with Superintendent Jesse Torres. The prison, which was built in 1876 and occupied until 1909, is still mostly intact. Part of the prison yard was lost to the railroad and several buildings were lost to fire and pilfering but the rest is still pretty much authentic.

The guard tower (an original structure) was very active that night. See Photo.

Other areas of note were the dark cell, an area of solitary confinement, where we got an EVP of a man's voice on the tape saying "Get out of Here." Also in the front of cell 14, this is part of the main cell block, a man's voice was caught on tape saying "Get Away."

Cell number 14 is where an inmate named John Ryan hung himself and it is here that Jesse Torres says many strange things have happened. See Photo.

Our thanks to Jesse and his staff, we had a great time.


Mesa Residence
In June of 2005 the team was asked to investigate a private residence on the Temp/Mesa border where some strange events were happening. The residents a young couple with two small children, stated that the wife had recently been having the odd feeling of being watched in the house and could hear a man's voice whispering to her, although she could not make out what was being said. When she finally did hear the voice say "I know you're here," it was time to call the A.D.G.H.

The investigation did reveal that activity was centered around the master bedroom. The most interesting item was an EVP of a man's voice in the hallway to the master bedroom saying either "Valerie" or "Mallory."

The investigation remains unresolved at this time......


Buford House, Tombstone Arizona
On a rainy night in July 2005 the team invited six guests, mostly psychics, to join them for an investigation at the Buford House Bed and Breakfast in Tombstone. The house was built on Safford Street in the early 1800's and remains basically the same today except for the upstairs Back in the day the upstairs was completely open as one room and separated into sleeping areas only by hanging blankets today the theme rooms are very authentic and nicely done.

The highlight of the evening was the Victorian room, which is at the top of the stairs to the left. Everyone that entered the room could feel the energy of a male presents and could see a shadow lurking in the room. The psychics could see a tall slender gentleman dressed in a black hat, black coat, black boots and pants. They watched him walk through the wall and disappeared. During the investigation he could be seen walking around the room. The psychics also came up with the name George and thought he really loved the ladies.

There were fantastic pictures taken in the Victorian room especially the unknown gentleman in the mirror. See Photo.

The following morning we had a great breakfast with the owners and they told us the story of the resident spirit George who haunts the Victorian room….

We would like to thank all our guests and a special thanks to the owners for their hospitality and the fabulous breakfast they serve.


Copper Mountain Inn
The Copper Mountain Inn is in Globe, AZ is today a very well run and very nicely kept adult nursing facility. However for many years it was known as Gila County Hospital. Although they are not in use anymore the facility still has its operating rooms, labor and delivery rooms, emergency trauma area, morgue and many many strange stories.

Like the story of the little boy that roams the hallways in one of the wings. One nurse found it so unnerving one night that she left and never returned.

Or the story of the nurse in her white outfit that still works in the closed emergency wing of the hospital. One night two staff members found one of the residents family members nesting quietly on a stretcher in one of the ER rooms. When asked what she was doing there she replied that as was told she could rest there by a nurse who was dressed in a white uniform with a cap. The staff members looked at each other in amazement and told the woman that they don't wear those uniforms anymore. The women left the hospital in a hurry.

The areas with the most activity have been the kitchen, laundry, and morgue on the basement level and the Alzheimer's and emergency wings on the main level. It should be noted that on the night of our first visit at approximately 1:00am the staff found us and brought us to the wing where there where many Native American women to witness a strange phenomena. All the elderly Apache woman were sitting up in bed and chanting prayers in their native tongue to ward off the evil spirits. The staff related that they had never witnessed anything like that before.

We have not yet been through the whole hospital as of this time but we look forward to being invited again. Maybe next time we can catch a glimpse of the little boy or even the nurse.

A special thank you to the staff members of the Copper Mountain Inn for their help and hospitality. The team members really enjoyed doing this investigation.


Prescott Arizona
The beautiful town of Prescott, Arizona was the first territorial capital of Arizona and also the first meeting place for the Arizona Desert Ghost Hunters. The town has a long history of sightings and hauntings connected with such places as the Hassayampa Hotel, the Hotel Vendome and also the Yavapai County Courthouse. In September of 2003 team members photographed two apparitions in Prescott. The first one, which was taken on the courthouse steps, is believed to be a policeman or security guard that is still making his rounds and appears to be communicating by the way of radio or phone with someone. See Photo.

The second apparition was photographed in a back alley behind the Hotel Vendome. See Photo. The team believes that there are actually two entities in this photograph, a man and a woman, each facing a different direction and still searching for each other, even today. The town of Prescott is a great place for anyone wishing to begin their search into the paranormal.


Tombstone Arizona
The streets and alleys of Tombstone, Arizona are the favorite hunting grounds for the Arizona Desert Ghost Hunters. The team has wandered the streets from dusk till dawn on at least 10 occasions since 2003, investigating such places as Nellie Cashman's restaurant, Bordello bed and breakfast, the OK Corral, Cochise County Courthouse, old city cemetery and many more. On one trip in April of 2004 the team met up with another group of ghost hunters who were accompanied by a producer and cameraman from News Channel 3TV of Phoenix. An apparition of a cowboy in a hat and duster was captured on the outside wall of the OK Corral. See Photo. This photograph, along with several others, were later broadcast on television as part of a story on Tombstone. The team has several trips planned to Tombstone in 2005 and will continue to explore every corner of the town "Too tough to die."


Queen Mary, Long Beach, California
The Queen Mary was the most luxurious ocean liner in her day, making over 1000 Atlantic crossings. During the war, her service was needed as a troop transport and also a hospital ship. Today she is docked at Long Beach, California as a luxury hotel, some say the most haunted hotel in the world -- home to over six hundred spirits. In January of 2004 the team members spent the night on the Queen Mary. They had dinner and a tour with world renowned physic Peter James during which they were taken to the engine room, boiler room, cargo hold and several other places that are off limits to other guests. Later that evening the group met up with Peter James again for a private tour of the infirmary where German POW'S had committed suicide. The ship's condemned swimming pool is where several people had drowned and a place Peter James calls the ships main energy vortex.


Teeter House, Phoenix, Arizona
The Teeter House is a Victorian Tea House built in 1899 and is located in the Heritage Square area in downtown Phoenix. Eliza Teeter lived in the house for 54 years raising her kids and later turned it into a boarding house until 1965. The current owners of the tea house tell many stories of items in the kitchen being moved and misplaced and also in the dining areas, utensils and place settings have been moved during the night. On several occasions in 2004 the team has stayed in the building with the owner after hours to photograph and record. There have been many unusual energy photographs taken in the building. On one occasion a team member captured the face of a woman peeking out from behind a chair in the room where Eliza Teeter died. See Photo.


Casey Moore's
Casey Moore's Oyster House is located at 850 South Ash Avenue in Tempe, AZ. It was built around 1910 and has been used over the years as a boardinghouse, a frat house and currently as a restaurant and bar. Over the years there have been many sightings of a female entity in the upstairs window and in the banquet room. There has also been an entity seen in the downstairs bar area. In 2004 the team made several trips to Casey Moore's and took many photos in the upstairs dining area. Although an entity was not captured on film, we did get some great spirit energy photos.


Private Residence #1, Gilbert Arizona
In April of 2004 the team was contacted and asked to investigate some strange occurrences at a home in Gilbert, Arizona. The home is a single story - single family structure built in 2001 and located in a home tract that carries a prominent east valley family name. The resident, a widowed woman, is the first homeowner and lives with an elderly sister who is confined to a wheelchair. The homeowner stated that every night when she was lying in bed she could feel someone or something sit down on the foot of the bed and that many times throughout the day she felt like she was being watched. During the investigation an apparition of a man was photographed sitting with the homeowner on the couch. See Photo. The homeowner was shown the picture but did not recognize the man so team member Debbie initiated a Tarot reading in hopes of identifying him. The cards revealed that the apparition whose name began with the letter 'K' was somehow attached to the land and was perhaps a farmer or a rancher. The Gilbert residence had been built on top of an old homestead or family burial plot that many years before had belonged to farmer Kevin as he fondly became known.


Private Residence #2, Gilbert, Arizona
In May of 2004 the team was contacted to investigate another private residence in Gilbert, AZ -- the neighbor of the home that was investigated in April, 2004. The home is similar in type and structure and shares a property line wall. The owners are a middle aged couple with no children who, in the past, have had several odd occurrences happen. The oddest incident occurred one night at 2:20am when suddenly all of the home's fire alarms went off startling the homeowner. When the homeowner exited the bedroom into the main hallway to see what was happening, everything went eerily silent. Not being able to sleep, the homeowner checked the fuse panel and all of the home's clocks to see if there was a power surge, then went outside to see if a storm has caused something to happen, but everything was normal and quiet. During the investigation, team members noticed a lot of energy in the southwest corner of the backyard that abuts the neighboring property that was investigated earlier. There were no apparitions photographed in the home on this occasion, however the energy photographs were spectacular, especially around the fireplace. See Photo.


Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum
One of the team's favorite places to explore is the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum located north of Phoenix. The village of twenty-eight historic buildings includes a church from Globe, a Victorian house, a farmhouse from Phoenix, a opera house from Prescott and many other cabins and buildings from all over Arizona. In 2004 the team spent the night on six separate occasions, locked into the premises with only a caretaker present. During these outings various activities were recorded in both the Victorian house and the farmhouse. The favorite building however, is the opera house from Prescott, which was built in 1876, dismantled in 1959 and moved brick by brick to the Pioneer Village, where it was then reconstructed. On one outing the team placed a digital recorder on a chair in front of the stage inside the opera house, locked the door and proceeded with the caretaker to the far side of the village to take pictures. Upon returning at 2:00am they began to review the recording. What they heard was astonishing. For forty minutes there was nothing but static on the recording, then without warning the group began to hear sounds of a loud train depot. The screeching of steel on steel, loud banging like cars being coupled and uncoupled, muffled voices and many other loud noises. That lasted for exactly twenty one minutes then there was only static noise again. Keep in mind the closest railroad tracks are almost twenty miles away....


Private Residence #3, Mesa, Arizona
In December of 2004 the team was contacted by a local television station in the Phoenix area and asked to investigate a house in East Mesa were many of the homeowner's belongings were mysteriously disappearing. The homeowner is an older woman who lives alone in a manufactured home on approximately one acre of land. She was able to provide the team with a list of over fifty items that had come up missing in the last two years, some valuable others not so valuable. During the investigation, which was attended and filmed by a television producer and camerawomen, the team captured energy and orbs both inside and outside the home. See Photo. The energy is believed to be connected to whatever was on the land previously. Team member Debbie later initiated a Tarot reading and found out the items that were missing from the home were being taken by someone they knew and not a ghost or a spirit.